Why it’s better

Why It’s Better


A conversation
It’s all about two-way interactions. You search, we suggest. You give feedback, we listen. You ask, we answer. You buy a property, we all celebrate.


Real time
We know that to secure a property in a hot market, you need to move fast. We enable you to do this. Ask questions quickly, find out key information and act on this information.


Mobile experience Gone are the days of looking at a property in the weekly newspaper. We know:

You want a mobile experience.
You want to see the images.
You want to search, not filter.
You want to talk, not type.
You want to be fed more of what you like.
You do not want to miss that magical property… and every second counts.

Search and relax

By swiping left and right, Flika learns your preferences and shows you more. You can ask questions in real time using Chat (similar to GPT) to provide detailed information about the area, the house, property tax, nearest schools, when the roof was repaired and more.

Pro Tip

The more you browse, flick and chat, the more we learn and the better service we can provide. Widen your search, and we could inspire you to make a move you never saw coming.

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