How it works

It’s all about you

You search (using natural language). We suggest properties. You give feedback on what you like and dislike. We listen, and modify our suggestions. You ask questions, we give answers, and again, we modify our suggestions. It’s that simple.


How do you contribute?
Essentially you contribute through ‘Individual Reinforced Learning through Human Feedback’ (RLHF). You are in control of your suggestive learning algorithm. The more you contribute, the more we know about you, and the better service we can provide. Think of it like sitting in a car for hours on end with your favorite Realtor, looking at properties, asking questions, just so that they can learn what you like. But instead of hours, days, or even months, you’re using your favorite mobile device, in the comfort of your home.


How does it know?
We live at the cutting edge of AI. We identify every characteristic of every image, and make a note of everything you like and dislike. The more characteristics you confirm you like, the better suggestions we can make. It’s the most advanced recommendation engine in real estate, because it’s for you, controlled by you.


What is happening to my data? 
We collect your data to provide you with the properties you want to see. We use your data to suggest properties we think you will like. Your data can also be shared with a Realtor of your choice.

Flicking left and right

Once your profile is set up, you can start flicking through property profiles. Flick right if you’re interested and left if you’re not. When you flick right you’ll be taken to more interior and exterior images. The more you flick right, the more you like a property, and our machine learning will do the rest. 

Search and relax

Flika learns your preferences and shows you more of what you love. You can ask questions in real time using ‘Chat’ to provide detailed information about anything you’d like to know. When the boiler was last replaced, when the air conditioning was installed, when the roof was repaired and more.

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