Why did we create Flika?


Flika was created to empower customers with data and information to make smarter decisions about real estate all on their mobile devices. We were tired of dreadful mobile experiences, not being able to see the tiny images of inside a house, having to scroll around the page to find information, and often that information just was not there.


The age of AI has enabled us to do what we never thought would be possible, giving you what you want. 


The founder of Flika, Spencer Wilkinson, saw an opportunity in the real estate market for an AI mobile app that could provide consumers with transparent and accessible information about homes across the United States.


By making real estate data more transparent and readily available, Flika has aimed to democratize the real estate market and provide consumers with more control and knowledge during their home buying or selling process.

The faces behind Flika


Spencer Wilkinson

Spencer Wilkinson – Founder, was a CTO of a Fortune 500 company, developing marketplaces to facilitate the distribution of Hardware, SaaS, Comm’s, Point of Sale and Services, generating over four billion dollars of revenue annually.


Dani Wilkinson

Dani Wilkinson – CMO, is the founder of one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in Greenville. She harnesses 20 years’ industry experience across the UK and US to help companies find their identity and go-to- market with a robust plan.

Made in Greenville

We started at home. Home for us is Greenville, South Carolina, and we are growing quickly. Soon we will cover the state of South Carolina, then we take each state by storm, eventually covering the whole of the USA.

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